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How to dress a distaff with flax

How to dress a distaff with flax

A traditional flax processor demonstrates how to put flax on the distaff at The Mannings in Pennsylvania.

Flax and Hemp Fiber (Processing and Spinning) an Introduction and How to guide by Kataryna Tkach

Processing and spinning vegetable fibers is very different then working with animal fibers. Even the processing techniques for different types of fibers can vary widely. In some cases you are taking fiber off the leaves (Sisal), in others you are taking it off the seeds of the plant in the form of bolls (Cotton). For flax, hemp, and nettle you are taking the fiber from the outer section of the stem, called the bast. These fibers are called bast fibers.

Wild fibres

Weaving with Natural Fibres ~ from nettles to cashmere ~


Cordage (string, cord, rope) is a resource taken for granted today. However, to produce cordage in the field from natural fibres can take a significant amount of time (especially long lengths of thin strong cord). There are two main methods of producing a cord: twisting and plaiting.

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